Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gloves going on Sleeves

a couple of weeks ago I shared with you the pattern for these fingerless gloves. many of you picked up on the pattern right away and I received lots of photo's with your beautiful gloves in my inbox as well as on Instagram. I am so happy to read you are enjoying the pattern as much as I do. 

dear Deborah from  the cute Crochet Tea Party blog contacted me about her beautiful version of the pattern for a slightly thicker yarn. you can find it here, she even included a full crochet chart, isn't that fabulous? thank you so much Deborah, I am sure we will all enjoy your efforts in making this pattern so perfect!

 in the mean time I made 3 more pairs of gloves. I mean sleeves. yes sleeves, I crocheted the pattern in the round all along. no thumb part. these were the first ones I made:

you can read more about them in this blogpost. I found myself using them a lot in the house, for typing and holding my latte or tea. they make me happy when I wear them. 

I decided to share the happiness with my brother and his girlfriend, and crocheted a sleeves couple for them. they were wrapped up as gifts under the tree in Sweden, which is why I am showing them now.

the two-tone sleeves for her are also done with 2 balls of yarn; one green and one pink. I make them at the same time, to make sure I have enough yarn for each glove to reach the same hight. with the little bits that were left over I made the teeny decorative roses and leafs.

his gloves were made each of 1 ball of yarn. still, I made them simultaneously to make sure they would be the same in size.

my guess is I will make more of these in the future. they are perfect for quick gifts, and tempting to make matching with different of your own outfits and scarfs. I'd recommend using merino wool, or a wool blend that is washable. have you found 2 balls of yarn in your stash yet that are suitable for these?

happy crocheting



  1. I'm a bit obsessed with sleeves myself at the moment, they are the perfect little thing to slip on any time, any where and super cosy too. I've made a couple of pairs recently and feel like I want to make at least 10 more! I love yours, the two tone idea looks very good and the little flowers are just perfect.

    S x

  2. I should try these, they look wonderful on you. I love the one with the little roses!

  3. They look perfect! I love them, and try to make some for myself! Thanks for inspiration.

  4. They look gorgeous! Such a perfect gift...

  5. they look nice and warm and so pretty too.

  6. Those are both sooo lovely!!! Love the colors in hers! And what great gifts too! Thank so much for sharing patterns!! :) I would love to give these a try! I was also just looking at your bobble stitch fingerless gloves pattern and loving it!! So pretty! Wishing you a wonderful day! xo Holly

  7. Beautiful, love the edging.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~