Friday, January 10, 2014

Mini PomPom Love

crocheting happily on my new scarf in progress. the scarf itself is not finished yet but I did work on the pompom ends already. why, you ask. well, I have got only 5 balls of yarn for this scarf, one of each colour, and I do not plan to get more yarn. therefore I wanted to make sure the ends were done first, before I run out of yarn. aren't these mini pompoms the cutest thing? I figured that if I wanted both ends of the scarf to have pompoms, I had to make two half scarfs and join them afterwards. otherwise the clamshells would look up on one end, and down on the other. therefore, two halves of one scarf to be.

also, do you use a scale when crocheting or knitting? I do quite often, to calculate how much further I can go with this one ball. in this particular project, to estimate how long this scarf will be if I continue with the same pattern. it may look or sound complicated and I agree, crocheting is much more fun than calculating weights and sizes. however it does save you lots of out-of-yarn stress, issues with different die lots, discontinued colours etc etc. trust me, I have been there several times. also, I often find that limitations ~ aka limited amounts of yarn ~ lead to creative ideas.

if you're interested: more about the start of this scarf and the yarn here, clamshell pattern to be found here

pattern edging: repeat *slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, treble crochet, chain 2, slip stitch in top of treble, double crochet, half double crochet, single crochet*. make sure you are facing the front of the bottom scallop when making this edging. 
pompoms: attach contrasting coloured yarn in chain 2 loop, chain 2, bobble stitch of 7 double crochet leaving last loop on hook, yarn over and pull through all 8 loops on hook in once. chain 1 and weave in ends. you're right, I haven't completed that last and fun step yet. I'll save that for later, ahum.

wishing you a happy Friday and a great weekend



  1. LOVE those colors! thanks for sharing.


  2. The little pom poms are just so cute! I can understand why you wanted to make sure they were done. You can always make the scarf a row or two shorter, but you can't have only half pom poms! I have weighed wool once - my hubby thought I was mad!!! xx

  3. How sweet are those pom poms....adds a nice touch to your scarf!
    Shari....a new follower from

  4. Those are too sweet!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy weekend! xo Holly

  5. That is so clever. I would never have thought of starting at two ends to get the clam shells right... Love the color combo. Why not buy more yarn? On yarn restriction maybe? I am planning a stash buster during 2014. I have way to much yarn to get rid of. Yarn that I don't particularly care for like my BIG acrylic stash I have collected through cheap deals and thrift finds... All good over there? Good to be back home I would guess.
    Happy New Beginning.

  6. What a stunning scarf - and such a clever way of making it! The two halves...the weighing...absolute perfection! And the pom pom edging is fantastic, I'm going to try that on a scarf I'm working on at the moment, thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  7. I love those mini pom poms! perfect! Thanks a lot for sharing!! San x

  8. This is a really smart idea, I often start projects without a real idea of what I'm creating and then I run out of yarn or end up having to substitute things
    I love your pompoms, so sweet!

  9. Wow very pretty, I really like the dots on the ends!!!

  10. Is that a stitch holder in your tea? Lol :P


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