Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Heart…

the crochet hearts story continues. my plan was to crochet hearts and hang them as a garland for Valentine. I wanted to make silhouette hearts, instead of the hearts we usually crochet like these ones.

so far I am not too happy with the results. the Einband heart is done with single crochet stitches around a little iron wire and then shaped into a heart. I quite like it.
the soft fun by Scheepjeswol heart was done with a chain, then single crochet into each chain, 2 single crochet in the top 3 stitches of each heart-top, skipping stitches in the middle. I find it ok, but not really nice.
the lettlopi heart is a long row of chain stitches, then single crochet around that chain. by moving the stitches closer together or wider apart, you create curves. hmmmm, I find it the least successful heart.

what I do like about the hearts is their different textures, the combine really nice and make the single coloured hearts quite interesting I find.

what do you think? with which one should I continue? or let them all go and start a new version?
my idea is to try the wire heart with both other yarns, and try to felt the lettlopi heart and block it in the right shape. do you think that will work?

any advice is very welcome, I'm a bit stuck with these hearts.



  1. It is funny how subjective these things are, the heart you like least is the one that I like most!! I hope that you find a way to resolve this to your satisfaction. xx

  2. Nice harts! for upcoming valentine! XO Lisanne

  3. Loving the middle one the best !
    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  4. I loved all of them but "soft fun" looks as if more satisfying !

    Whichever you choose, I'm sure that the results will be very nice...


  5. Dat vilten vind ik wel een interessant idee. Ben benieuwd hoe dat uitpakt. Ook het omhaken van de ijzerdraad met verschillende garens vind ik een leuke optie. Dan krijg je wel wat variatie maar toch een geheel.
    Al met al kon het wel eens heel goed slagen, een wat fragieler open hartjesslinger.
    Groetjes, Nelleke

  6. Try crocheting them around a piece of wire or pipe cleaner. That should give you the stability you need to hold the shape and then you can shape them how ever you want! :)

  7. I love their unusual soft look, bit if you want them to take a definite shape you need to 'paint' the back with wood glue (it's white and gloopy and not very expensive). It doesn't matter if bits of the glue goes through to the other side. Shape them into a very definite heart and leave to dry on some paper (glue side up for 12 hours or so). The glue dries clear but makes the wool stiff.
    It's with checking out Attic24 for some help with using this type of glue and the results you can achieve. Hope this helps.

  8. Lastig he. Persoonlijk vind ik het leuk om een ketting te punniken (met zo'n punnikmolen) en dan een ijzerdraad erdoor. Kun je mooi mee schrijven.

  9. I like the little one on the left best, it seems to be the neatest heart. I wonder if you could shape the wire into a heart shape first, then crochet around the heart - I've seen tutorials for crocheting around embroidery hoops, which makes me think it could work with wire. You could then make a more definite heart shape, with a sharper bend in the center, therefore a clearer heart shape...Chrissie x

  10. Op de zolder van onze oude schuur vond ik eens een enorme rol ijzerdraad, perfect om te omhaken en daarna in vorm te buigen. Ik deed dit met fijn katoen en haaknaald 3. Het effect is wel anders dan de hartjes die je nu laat zien, die van jou zijn meer winters. Kun je misschien aan de achterkant van de Lettlopi ijzerdraad vasthaken i.p.v. van erdoor steken of omhaken? Dan hou je het platte effect en wordt deze wel stevig?

  11. I think you should use them all. Make a mud-match of hearts and colors. It'll be fun!

    Cindy Bee

  12. Mis-match not mud-match. (Cell phone auto correct-sorry)

  13. I think I like the Einband best, the thin delicate nature suits those hearts I think. It's a tricky one though, all the yarns are lovely. What about a delicate very lacey heart pattern, with the wire around the edge so it holds it's shape? Like a heart cobweb, but prettier than a cobweb obviously!

    S x

  14. Lovely idea! I like the delicacy of the Einband one.. xx

  15. Vind ze allemaal mooi. Als je ze wil vilten dan zou je eerst het model moeten haken en dan vervilten en in model laten drogen. Zou goed moeten gaan :)) knufzz.....peebee


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