Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunny Winter Days

blue skies make for such pretty Winter days. my absolute favourite weather. snow and ice would be nice, but even without them I am very happy. anything to lift the Winter spirits!

last week I attended the monthly knit and crochet get-together in our village again. such welcoming group of ladies, I enjoy it a lot. I took my scarf with me, all it's yarn ends still dangling around it and while chatting, sipping tea and laughing, I managed to finish most of them. the day after I had a lovely early morning phone conversation with a good friend. phone calls are really good for weaving in ends I find. I used to do it during Skype calls with family and friends too, when we lived in Canada. time goes by, you chat and enjoy the conversation, while weaving in ends on automatic pilot. so by the end of that conversation I was done! I could hardly believe it myself, haha. the joy of a big pile of tiny threads and a finished project. hmmmm perfection.

more pictures and details about the scarf in tomorrow's blogpost.

wishing you a sunny week of Winter



  1. your scarf is simply gorgeous!
    see you tom, xxxx Ale

  2. Hello Maaike
    That is such a pretty scarf, and I love the little pompoms, they finish it off perfectly.

  3. I love craft groups, they really give me a boost to get things done! The scarf is a joy to see, the pom poms are terrific! Chrissie x

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  5. wow, i love your scarf! it's always utter bliss when a project is finished :-)

  6. Your finished scarf looks great, very pretty and I like the little pom poms on the ends. I hope that you love wearing it. xx


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~