Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Powder Coated

powder coated is what these coasters seem to me. especially with the little light we get from one window at the front of our house, it makes it so mysterious and calm. pretty too, I must add.

this was another quick finish project. well actually is was majorly delayed since I started a try out of these squares from Simply Haken months ago. they have been patiently waiting in a bin, forgotten and alone. until we accidentally broke one of our stone coasters. and since we tend to drink latte with water on the side, we were kind of fighting over the second coaster. I went upstairs to my craft room and found these two. 

the ends were woven in quickly and I decided on a simple, plain back colour for both with Catania cotton. the back squares are basically a regular square, with the last row made of clusters of 5 US triple crochet UK double treble crochet NL dubbele stokjes. attach them by adding a US UK slip stitch NL halve vaste in between the clusters of 5. in the corners I added 3 US UK chain stitches, NL losse, to give them a little extra touch. I tend to do that more often, apparently I like to mark corners when I crochet haha.

et voila, there you go. two extra coasters, and one WIP less. very quickly done, a win win situation, everybody happy. now that's the way I like it!



  1. So pretty, perfect soft colours.
    Kate x

  2. beautiful.....simply beautiful xxxxxxx

  3. Heel mooi - ben dol op deze kleurencombi!
    Fijn dag! Haafner

  4. Perfect little project in perfect colours! I'd love to know the brand of yarn...Chrissie x

    1. thanks so much Chrissie, they are made with Catania cotton. I've updated it in the text :) thank you. Have a lovely day xo

  5. Very lovely. I do love the powder pink with the grey. Making them double is a great idea too. I do love Catania cottons and the choice of colours is wonderful.

  6. Ik geniet altijd van je haaksels, je kleurencombinaties en je foto's!

  7. Gorgeous coasters and even more so...stunning pics. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are so pretty, I love their softness and I'm so glad you found such a great use for them. I adore the way the bottom layer just peaks out from underneath at the edges. Perfect.

    S x

  9. You are genius! They are so cute and simple, great idea!

  10. Jou foto's en kleurgebruik, ik vind het altijd zo mooi! Leuke 'granny' is dit ook weer!

  11. I love colors and pattern. You are great!!!

  12. great,amazing idea!

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  13. For some reason, your blog was lost from my list..I am so glad to have rediscovered your blog! Loving these coaster you have made! The colors are so lovely and fresh!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~