Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crochet Granny Square

a new free app, I downloaded it just for fun. a granny square pattern a week, by Simply crochet magazine and Red heart yarns. you can find the app here - iPhone only I am afraid, and read more about it here.

the first square is the classic granny. inspiration for the colour combination came from an interior page I ripped out of the magazine Martha Stewart Living, April 2014. 

to keep my magazine pile at a decent size, I go through it every now and then. rip interesting pages, articles or colour combinations, and toss the rest. those loose sheets I keep in binders, together with words about what I had in mind when selecting this page, and sometimes, like this time, with little yarn pieces to suggest colour combinations. it helps me to keep my inspiration organized, and whenever I am looking for colour combinations or ideas I know exactly where to find them.

how do you keep track of things you find inspirational?

yarn: scraps of Catania 100% cotton #106 white, #263 salmon, #146 blue and #254 taupe
hook size: 3 mm



  1. A granny square app? What a neat idea. I will have to check it out. I like the colors you chose for your square.

    As for organization....I have plans about that but it never seems to happen. I tear out pages at times with the hope of putting them in a binder but I never get that far.

  2. Mooie kleurtjes voor dat granny squaretje !
    En ik doe net hetzelfde met mijn tijdschriften... Uitscheuren wat leuk is, en klasseren (behalve de mollie makes, de daphnes diary, en de flow, die hou ik integraal bij), want anders zou ik hier intussen al wel een kamer kunnen opvullen met magazines...

  3. Wat een prachtige foto's weer! En ik ben helemaal weg van dat leuke schaartje :)

  4. Nice colors! Too bad the app is only for apple users...

  5. Очень красивый квадрат.

  6. I really will have to start doing that, I have stacks of magazines that I don't want to get rid of, but i'd prob end up keeping all the pages anyway!!!!
    Love your colours, really lovely
    Karen x

  7. Great idea for organising magazines, will have to give it a go as I have far too many on my shelf at the moment!

    The granny square looks great.


  8. Oh this post made me smile, because I have a little pile of file folders labelled with different rooms of the house or different projects, and there are many pages of Martha and other magazines and catalogues inside! It is an easy yet effective way to keep inspiration organised, isn't it? :-) Chrissie x PS I LOVE that colour combination!

  9. I've taken to keeping a digital notebook lately. Lots of pictures and notes that I keep collected up on an app. Handy for internet/IG etc inspiration but I love your idea of a book with pages and especially with yarn colours in. I used to do the same thing, rip out the good pages and chuck the rest, although I don't buy too many interiors mags these days I do love the idea of actually organising those pages so they still make sense when you come back to them later. That's smart, I like it!

    S x

  10. I usually find my inspiration on Pinterest. Got a board dedicated to blankets (and multiple to crochet), and a few which simply contain great pictures. I better steer clear of pinterest for a while or otherwise I'll end up with 3 more blanket WIPs...



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