Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Week

thank you for your enthusiastic comments on my previous post. you are such a lovely bunch, never fail to cheer me up and make my day! highly motivated to get back in the blogging swing, I am starting this week with my regular Monday 'last week' update.

the first squares relate to a photo shoot I did for a friend, who hosts beautiful parties with delicious and pretty cupcakes. she is also the one who organizes the monthly local knit and crochet cafe. if you're in Noord Brabant, please have a look to see if she's hosting a craft or baking party to your taste here.
the beautiful display is to be found in the pretty Tussen Koe & Kroonlunchter brocante shop, just like the image directly above this text.

I am working on a spontaneous upcycle idea to make a chunky doily out of Zpaghetti yarn, to match the cute little lilies of the valley that I have dozens of in my backyard, fashionably styled in a peanut butter jar. really, our whole house smells like lilies now, I just can't get enough! I took some images with my camera, so a blogpost about the lilies and the doily is on the way.

I also made some good progress with the flower cushion to match our new chair, even the cushion is already sewn and pressed, ready to be finished off with some buttons. now to finish the cover and block it, so I can hand sew it to the cover. I even managed to finish a matching stripe cover with the left over yarns… can't wait to see it all finished and share some images with you!

last but not least, have you heard of the new free app from the Simply crochet magazine? they partnered with RedHeart yarn for a granny square app, and will upload a free granny pattern every week. week 1 has just started, so you're not too late to join in. this could be fun! I have selected some yarn for my squares and will try to crochet along with the app. have a look here to read more about it. will you join me?

have a lovely week


  1. Очень красивые квадраты.

  2. Hello Maaike, Your flower squares are soooo gorgeous, you make them so beautifully. And I love the little mat to go under your jar of lillies of the valley ( amazing scent ! ), its so simple but set them off perfectly.
    Thanks for the heads up about the App, such a good idea.
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  3. Goed begin van de week, je blogbericht. Kussen wordt heel gezellig! heb snel ook even je andere links bekeken, voor de workshops.
    Ik ga natuurlijk even de app installeren, op de ipad. Groetjes, en een fijne week, Arianne

  4. Thanks for the head's up about the app! That's going to be so much fun to try!!! I love the doily you are making. I have never heard or spaghetti yarn. I also love the your new flower cushion. I would have never thought to put those colors together, but they work beautifully!

  5. Your cushion cover is looking gorgeous, I love the texture from the flowers, it really makes it look different from more flat crochet work. I look forward to seeing it when it is done! Love the colours too by the way! xx

  6. Your pictures are stunning and i do like your flower cushion. The colours are very chic.


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