Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review of The Amazings: taking online craft tutorials to the next level

like I announced earlier, I recently learned about The Amazings from London, UK and would love to share my experiences with you ~ and offer you an Amazing GIVE AWAY...

just in case you haven't heard about The Amazings yet, here's a little story. I am pretty sure about half of you have proudly learned sewing, crocheting, knitting, and /or quilting from your loving grandma or other granny in your life. in the digital era we are in now, these crafts and way of learning are slowly moving to the background. how do we make sure that it will not be forgotten, and the lifetime experience of the older age is passed on to younger ones? that's where The Amazings come in.

The Amazings is an online platform where retired and retiring people pass on craft skills through
classes and courses. There have been over 200 in-person workshops delivered in London, UK. Demand for the classes has far outstripped what the individual Amazings can provide. In order to widen access to intergenerational skill sharing, skills will now be available through a digital platform. Online classes will be offered in everything from knitting, to embroidery, to baking, to felting, to working with wood and clay. Each online class will consist of around 2 hours of video tutorials, commentary, teacher’s notes, and interaction with the teacher. Once enrolled, users will be able to watch a class anywhere, anytime, for as long as they like. 

isn't this one fabulous concept? I thought it sounds really great and I actually got the chance to see and hear with my own eyes and ears what these online lessons are like. I watched both "Upcycle a Man's Shirt into a Summer Dress" and "Big Knit a Weekend Bag"

I was really excited to watch the classes and experience this form of online learning. and of course I will share my experiences with you. first of all, I think it is great that the classes are broken up in smaller videos with their own subjects, of about 3-15 minutes of length. this allowed me to stop and go with the class at any time I wanted. each class starts with the introduction of The Amazing and a younger woman, which I think is great. it is not just The Amazing talking to the camera, it is actually a lovely set up of two people, chit chatting while creating, drinking tea and eating cake during a little break. I felt like being part of the get together, it's so cozy. I think it is also due to this set up that The Amazings are invited to share more information and knowledge than strictly required to finish the project they are working on. for example, in the shirt-to-dress class they chatted about measurements and Judith shared some rule of thumbs regarding human body sizing and how to make fitted pieces that actually fit you well. this set up also makes all the difference between The Amazings and an online tutorial. I mean, tutorials can be very practical and efficient, but they are not so much fun and cozy learning environments. the teaching people are more often than not invisible, and you can't contact them to ask further questions.
what I loved about both classes is that they allow you to re-purpose items you already have at home. man's shirts and strips of fabric that you can buy through the class, or make yourself from old pieces of clothing and sheets. with clear videos that you can watch over and over again, and online forms to direct personal questions at The Amazings. the only thing I'd probably like to add is the highlights of each class in a document, to be able to read it afterwards and take notes too. all together I think this is a great concept and I can't wait to do some more classes, for example "Handsew a Heirloom Patchwork Quilt".

and when you've read to all my ramblings here, you will be treated with some good news: here is a code for you to take a class with one of The Amazings, FREE OF CHARGE! so sit back, get your favorite coffee or tea and some cake, pick a class and enjoy. I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is SO neat. I'm so excited you gave a free code. I'm totally going to check this out! Thank you for sharing!

  2. love the idea of the Amazings! and thanks for sharing the code <3


  3. That's awesome! I'm definitely going to try it out :) Thanks for the code,



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